Although our institutional site is only available on 12/30/2019, we have a long history. We have founded several sites with a high number of visitors in various niches, both English and global languages, we have in operation about 15 servers for our own projects and over 30 active projects of our own, and this year approaching 2020 we intend to give the The next step is to establish our institutional presence and NEXT001 fulfills this purpose.

We have existed as a development team informally for 5 years and had major victories such as one of our projects top 1500 global on Alexa, daily access peaks of 1 million / day into a project (other project) over extended periods. Also we are partners in many premium advertising networks, among many other victories.

We currently have both our own and client projects. Although we do not disclose metric data about our clients, we are able to disclose data from our internal projects, but we currently have, as previously mentioned, a number of our own projects aimed at advertising profit and we can assume that on average we have around 6 – 9 millions of unique monthly visitors, plus we are a profitable Startup where profit is about 80% of monthly revenue, and we have investments in off-web industries with equally sizable profit margins.

We have a challenging vision at NEXT001 because although we have a small team we have highly competent and qualified professionals, thus seeking real results for a real world, focused on solving problems.

We use both emerging and mature technologies, in a pragmatic way we use the technology that best fits the proposed task, our team is highly qualified and competent in back-end, front-end, databases, infrastructure, SEO, and system security.

NEXT001 has emerged as a way to capture new customers and strategic partners who can create mutual cooperation where all parties are winning, so if you want to take the first step and have a very good, strong and or innovative idea, if you already have a website / app / active project and want to take it to the next level, or if you want to be our strategic partner, get in touch by e-mail: